Melop G

For Skinburns

MelOp – G represents a dispersioned extract of medical herbs in semi-solid fatty basis of bees wax and olive oil.

This balsam is assigned to a purpose of healing the skin wounds on the face and body caused by the activity of different agents, such as fire, chemicals, physical action and so on. It is used for the burns of II and III degree, t.i. for hurts when the skin is covered with blisters of destroyed completely.

Before applying the balsam, hands should be washed thoroughly with warm water, soap and a small brush. Wipe your hands with sterile gauze and disinfect them by using 70% solution of ethanol.

Clean the skin 5 cm around the wound with a piece of gauze soaked with diluted ethanol, then wash it with 3% solution of hydrogen-peroxide. In hard cases, when the skin is off, use both hydrogen-peroxide and sterile physiological solution. If there are blisters over the burnt skin, prick them with a sterile needle and squeeze the liquid out. Then clean with diluted ethanol once again.

Using a sterile spatula, apply 1/2 mm thick layer of balsam on quadruple gauze bigger then the wound. Be careful to put the gauze over the wound so that the balsam directly covers it. To make it more comfortable, fasten the gauze with a bandage or a plaster, without tightening it up.

After applying the balsam, pain slowly vanishes, and in relatively short time it totaly disappears. Repeat the procedure every 24 hours with a new sterile gauze.

While healing up, the wound is getting smaller, so the balsam should be applied only on the spots that are not healed up yet. After healing up, further therapy is based on using “MelOp – E” balsam (constant effect of balsam by using a tampon of cotton or gauze over the fresh skin) until redness disappears, t.i. skin becomes normal.


At room temperature protected from light.

Aluminum tubes of 35 g.

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