Melop E

Melop E for Skin-burns Effects Removal

MelOp – E is an emulged extract of medicinal herbs in the natural olive oil.

Healing features of this balsam have a strong effect on burns of I degree. Immediately after putting it on a burnt spot, pain vanishes and redness disappears in relatively short time. It eliminates or reduces scars and cheloids caused by burns and other types of injuries.

Directions in case of burns
Before applying the balsam, hands should be washed thoroughly with warm water, soap and a small brush. Wipe your hands with of sterile gauze and disinfect them by using 70% solution of ethanol.
This balsam, is used for fresh burns, when there is only strong redness over the burnt spot, but no damaged skin. The burnt spot should be immediately soaked with balsam by using tampon of cotton or a piece of gauze, in order to enable a constant effect of balsam until redness is gone. Immediately after putting the balsam on, pain vanishes and approximately 2-4 hours after, redness disappears and the burnt spot is completely soothed.

Directions in case of scars and cheloids
Cheloids (deformed, wrinkled tissue) and scars should be washed with warm water and baby (or glycerine) soap. Dry the spot with a clean, soft towel, soak it with balsam and massage gently with fingertips for 5-10 minutes. Add balsam when needed. The treatment is to be continued in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. It is the same with old scars and cheloids, except the massage is harder and it lasts for 20-30 minutes. In both cases, cover scars and cheloids with quadruple gauze and fasten with a bandage or a plaster before going to bed. Duration of a therapy depends on the age and extent of a scar.


At room temperature protected from light.

150 ml

Shake up strongly before use.

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