Pronasol for sun and solarbenches

PRONASOL bronzer intensive: for the normal and the tender skin.
PRONASOL nourishes and revitalises the skin.
PRONASOL shields the cells of the skin from damaging by sunburn caused by too much UV rays.
PRONASOL accelerates natural pigmentation while the skin is being eased by its anti-irritation activity. The pigment gets a deep bronze colour which will remain present considerably longer.
PRONASOL can be used both before as well as after sunbathing, thus avoiding the so called peeling. The skin gets a beautiful gloss and keeps its elasticity.
PRONASOL is a purely vegetable product and holds neither preservatives nor artificial colouring or perfuming.
PRONASOL can also have a very healing effect on the sunburnt skin. Softly oil the skin till the pink colour disappears.
PRONASOL immediately reduces the pain.
PRONASOL is hypo-alleregen.

At room temperature protected from light.

200 ml.

Shake up strongly before use.